2001 Royal Hecht Recipients

2001 German Shepherd Dog Club of St Louis

Royal Hecht Award Winners

DeRousse Roberts Where Theres Smoke, T.C.
Judy DeRousse And Dwayne Roberts
2001 Award: Temperament Certified

Robert's Brianna Leigh. C.G.C.
Helen And Elizabeth Rockman
2001 Award: Canine Good Citizen

Darby von Linderhof, BH
Dyan W. Harper
2001 Award: Begleitenhund

Harley von den Wannaer Höhen, BH, SchH I
William Harper
2001 Awards: Begleitenhund, and Schutzhund I

Errai Cepheus Sundown, C.D., T.D.
Barry Mayer and Becky Lamb
2001 Award: Tracking Dog

Mari-Fiori's the Fever
Marilee Wilkinson
2001 Award: GSDC of St. Louis Best Puppy Award

Cimarron's Margarita
Steve Dobbins
2001 Award: Royal Hecht Bred By-Exhibitor Award

Ch.Hadori's Chyna
Roger Schroeder, Fran Foster, and Ricky Harrison
2001 Award: Champion

Ch. Langlitz's Onceuponatime D and L
Carl Foster and Joyce Hamner
2001 Award: Champion

Ch. Carben Copy's Braveheart
Gail and Herman Stiefferman
2001 Award: Champion

Ch. LeBarland's Ginzi
Mercedes and Thurban Warrick, and Barbara and Lee Trapp
2001 award: Champion

Am. & Can. Ch. Dan-Ann's Rufhaus Penny Stock
Ken Hummel
2001 Award: Champion

Ch. DeRousse's Cut Loose Caralon
Judy DeRousse and Betty Smith
2001 Award: Champion

Ch. D & L's All The Right Moves
Steve Dobbins
2001 Award: Champion

Ch. D & L's Photographs N' Memories
Lois O'Connor
2001 Award: Champion

Ch.Chlomaxsi's Talitha v D & L, C.D.,T.T., R.O.M.
Lois O'Connor
First German Shepherd in Breed History
To Produce a Single Litter Of Eight Champions

Submitted By: Marcia Hadley, Awards Chairperson