2012 Royal Hecht Recipients

GSDC Of St. Louis 2012 Award Winners

Submitted By: Marcia Hadley Awards Chair


Canine Scent Work~ Odor Recognition Tested

J~Mac’s Rocket J Shepherd, CGC, TDI, RN, TDIA, TDIAOV, ORT(b)  “Rocky”

Owner: Judy Mc Dowell

Mari~Fiori’s RamjeTeko Of Prairie Home, HIC, HT, ORT(b), CGC   “Teko”

Owner: Judy McDowell


Herding Tested, and Canine Good Citizen

Mari~Fiori’s RamjeTeko Of Prairie Home, HIC, HT, ORT(b), CGC   “Teko”

Owner: Judy McDowell


GSDC Of St. Louis 2012 Best Puppy Award

Cimarron’s Mayhem Like Me   “Mayhem”

Owner: Steve Dobbins


Royal Hecht 2012 Bred By Exhibitor Award

Cimarron’s Don’t Stop Believin’  “Dingleberry”

Owner: Steve Dobbins


Certified Medical Alert Service Dog:

Nemo’s “The Rock”   “Rockey”

Owners: Dannie Roseman and Carol Sears


GSDC Of St. Louis Service Dog Breeder Award 2012

Gail Rutter ~ Nemo Shepherds



Ch.Caralon QED Faithrock Aquilla   “Quilli”

Owners; Helen Sherlock, Dr.Pat Parsons, D. Atkinson


Ch. Forest Knoll’s Dark Knight v Hadori   “Nick”

Owners: Gail Butch, and Elizabeth Stiefferman, and K. and F. Fasano


Ch. Cimarron’s Any Way You Want It   “Journey”

Owner: Steve Dobbins


Ch. Forest Knoll’s When It’s Right V Hadori   “Jessie”

Owners: Butch, Gail, and Elizabeth Stiefferman



GCh. Marquis’ Horse With No Name   “Caballo”

Owners: Dan and Liana New Liz Oster, and Judy DeRousse


GCh. Cimarron’s I Won’t Back Down   “Butkus”

Owner: Steve Dobbins


GCh. Leibchen’s Shebearazade v Winsome   “Peanut”

Owners: Elizabeth Stiefferman and K. and F. Fasano


GCh. Cimarron’s Learning To Fly   “Flyer”

Owner: Steve Dobbins


GCh. RR Bar’s Puttin’ On The Ritz   “Topper

Owners: Rosalind and Jeanne North


United States Select

2012 # 7 US Select Excellent Gch.Leibchen’Shebearazade v Winsome   “Peanut”

Owners: Elizabeth Stiefferman, and K. and F. Fasano


2012 # 7  US Select Ch. Forest Knoll’s When It’s Right V Hadori   “Nick”

Owners: Gail, Butch, and Elizabeth Stiefferman and K. and F. Fasano


2012 # 9  US Select Ch. Hadori’s Secret Agent 007 v Forest Knoll

Owners: Greg Harrison and G. and P. Szymszak


Canadian Select

2012 # 2 Canadian Select, 3 X’s Can. Sel. 2 X’s US Select Excellent

 Ch. High Cliff Free ‘N’ Easy, ROM   “Fletcher

Owners: Greg Harrison and Liana New



Ch. Hadori’s When It’s Love, ROM   “Val”

Owners: Gail, Butch, and Elizabeth Stiefferman, and Greg Harrison


3 X’s Can.Sel. 2 X’s US Sel.Ex. Ch. High Cliff Free ‘N’ Easy, ROM   “Fletcher”

Owners: Greg Harrison and Liana New


Report of 2012 GSDC Of St. Louis and Royal Hecht Awards Presentation

After having to delay our annual awards due to bad weather in February, it was decided that we would combine the awards presentation with the December Christmas party which had also been cancelled into one event on March 29, 2013 at the AKC Museum Of The Dog.

We had a great turnout for these events, with over 40 members, and friends in attendance. It was great to see so many there to enjoy the night. We started by having dinner, and the food was fantastic. The Stiefferman’s prepared, and brought the ham, and many people brought side dishes, and desserts to share. I doubt that anyone left hungry.

Dinner was followed by the Awards Presentation. We started with a tribute to two much loved members we have recently lost, Carl Foster, and Ilona Horn, who will be sorely missed.

I then shared some information I had gathered about Royal Hecht, who the original BBE award was named for. I discovered that Royal Herbert Hecht lived in Berkley, Missouri, was a WWI Veteran, and was married with two children. Those who remembered stated that he showed his dogs in the BBE classes.  He died in December, 1961 at the age of 64 years from Pancreatic Cancer. Not sure when the original award was given, but if it was in the year following his death, 2012 would be the 50th. Year we have done these awards.

We had several winners this year, which I have listed separately, and I am so proud of each, and every one. For me, the highlight of the awards this year was giving the GSDC Of St. Louis Service Dog Breeder Award to Gail Rutter. This rarely given award honors the breeder who has a dog enter active service to man in the club year. Service to man can be Police  K-9, Search and Rescue, guide dogs, medical service dogs, etc. Gail had no idea she had earned this award. Trying to keep it secret, and asking repeatedly if she were coming, had me on pins and needles. Gail is usually my much appreciated “helper” on awards night, and as usual she came up, and asked if she could help with anything. This was the first time I told her: “No, I have it covered.” Gee that was hard, but I did not want her to accidently see the list, the speech, or the awards. I sure hope she now understands why I refused her help this year…SURPRISE!! The look on her face was well worth it, as was handing her this well deserved award for breeding a dog who makes such a difference in his disabled owner’s life.

We have decided to do the club raffles again to help raise money to help pay for the Club, and annual K-9 Awards like we used to do. Dr, Pat Parsons, Geralyn Bolhofner, and I brought items to raffle at the party. They included GSD figurines, ornaments, and candles, books about dogs, an American Flag wind chime, stationary, and even a pair of Foster Grant Aviator sunglasses.

I heard we made $172.00 on the raffle, and thanks to Elizabeth, and Butch for selling tickets, and to Adelle’s little girl for drawing the numbers. These raffles are great fun, and if you want to

help out the club , please donate your items, dog related, or not, and we can possibly cover the cost of the awards while having fun doing it.

I ended the presentation by thanking everyone for coming, to support and honor our member’s dogs who titled. After 26 years as the Awards Chair, I announced that I am stepping aside, so someone else can enjoy doing this wonderful committee. If you are interested in giving it a try, please call our President, Butch Stiefferman. I, of course will be happy to show the ropes to the new Chair. I was grateful, and humbled by the standing ovation I received. It has truly been a labor of love for me, and  I hope someone will enjoy it as much as I did.

Respectfully submitted, Marcia Hadley Awards Chair from 1986 to 2012