2013 GSDC of St Louis Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner

This was held on 2/21/2014

Announcer Rampage Caballo Gus
Marilee Wilkinson
Awards Master of Ceremonies
Steve and Rampage
Royal Hecht Bred By Exhibitor Award
Judy D. and Liana and Caballo
Select Excellent #7 Award
Bill and Gus
CGC, ORT, and TDI Awards
Charmin Mariah Blah Blah Chance
Steve and Charmin
2013 Grand Champion
Glenn, Gail S, Kelley and Mariah
2013 Champion
Steve and Blah Blah
2013 GSDC of St Louis Best Puppy Award
Geralyn and Chance
Beginner Novice and Companion Dog
2013 GSDC StL Novice Obedience Award
Teko Dingleberry Pearl  
Judy M and Teko
Junior Herding Dog, Herding PreTrial, 2013 Champion
Steve and Dingleberry
2013 Champion
Steve and Pearl
2013 Register of Merit